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Rulebook Editing - Board & Card Games

The rulebook is the backbone of any game. The components, rules, examples of play, possibly some strategy tips, and even the theme will all be conveyed in those few pages. Can players learn to play the game based off the rulebook alone, no playthrough videos or teachers at the table? It is our goal to ensure that your rulebook is clear, concise, and gives players everything they need for a successful first play. You'll receive up to three rounds of edits as needed. 

Twenty-Sided Dice

RPG Editing

World building takes a unique skill set to see it come to fruition. RPGs require that skill set be taken to the next level. They must be satisfying on multiple fronts; an amalgamation of storytelling, genre fiction, game mechanics, and art. We can help ensure continuity within the world, clear rules explanations, and quality story development both in backstory/history and gameplay by using a combination of developmental editing and copyediting where needed over two to three rounds of edits. 

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I am happy to share my experience of working with [Sarah] as a kind, professional, and punctual editor in this field.

Joshua Lobkowicz - Grey Fox Games