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Your manuscript is polished and it's time to start submitting to agents and publishers.  

You're panicked, sweating, and can't remember you're own pen name! Let us help you get your baby in the right hands.

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Submission Package

To help you put together the best package possible, first, we'll work closely with you to help you craft a query letter and a synopsis. Then, after having read your first 50 pages, we'll help you make sure those pages are as engaging as possible. We'll also double check that your package meets the recipient's submission guidelines and is individualized for them. 

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Query & Synopsis Edit

Think of your query and synopsis like a trailer for a new movie. You have a very short amount of time and space to get someone excited and leave them wanting more. We'll help you create a stunning hook, synopsis, bio, and introduction that will hopefully turn your manuscript into a blockbuster!