"Sarah worked with us on our game Click Click Boom. She did more than just organize the rules. She actually brought ideas for presentation and content for the rulebook and chose a talented illustrator to bring a cool thematic look to our rule book. What we ended up with was an attractive, very easy to understand, thematically rich rule book that we were incredibly happy with. We absolutely look forward to working with her in the future."

Sean Epperson, Thing 12 Games


An exciting, hybrid Euro-style game of medieval jousting, with worker placement, resource management mechanics & innovative combat.

"Working with Sarah was fantastic! Not only is she an expert editor but she's also extremely efficient and super communicative."

Coming Soon -

IDENTECO is a tabletop RPG about how individual and corporate marketing can influence the world in positive or negative ways. Players engage in elaborate deception, tactical combat, and hack their way through the grid to survive in “The Static Age.” IDENTECO emphasizes social influence and its effect on people through its roleplaying and damage system. 

Can your chicken lay the fanciest egg? A real-time dice rolling game about feeding gems to your prize chicken.