Manuscript Critique

A manuscript critique is a big-picture assessment of your book and is a recommended first step for every writer. You'll get a detailed editorial letter that addresses your book's strengths and weaknesses, structure, characters, and genre, and includes guidance on revision.

Comprehensive Edit

Our most popular editing package and the best option if you plan to contact agents and publishers or self-publish and want your book to stand out from the crowd. With this package, you'll get two to three rounds of editing: developmental editing, line editing, and copyediting!

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is a thorough big-picture edit of your book. You'll get a detailed editorial letter, plus extensive feedback and suggestions inserted into the margins of your manuscript. Lots of coaching on craft and examples will be included.

Line Editing & Copyediting

Line editing is when we examine your book on the sentence and paragraph level, addressing awkward or unclear writing, wordiness, redundancies, weak dialogue, and more.

Copyediting is a line-by-line correction of your manuscript. We'll correct errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and any inconsistencies that we find.


A pre-publication polish. Proofreading is the final polish of your book before it's published and is recommended only for previously copyedited manuscripts.

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Comics/Graphic Novels

We offer editing services at all stages of the process; scripts, pencils, inks, color, and production. We also offer help in story direction and creative choices. Comic continuity requires consistency and clarity of editing; we ensure the story is told through the efforts of both words and art, that one doesn't overshadow the other.

What our customers are saying

Sarah is one of the best clients I've worked with. She listens to suggestions, is honest and open about what she's looking for, and feedback was clear and straightforward. I'd work with her again in a heartbeat!

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